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September 2019

Deacons and Mothers-in-Law

August 2019

You Can't Reach Everyone

July 2019

Planning for Transitions

Style or Substance?

June 2019

The Pastor Is the Leader

Social Media

May 2019

Back Door Revival

April 2019

Information, Inspiration and Delegation

Should Fundamental Churches Associate with Southern Baptists

Some Day You Will Be Old

March 2019


February 2019

Growing the Pastor

Is Church Planting More Difficult Today?

A Big Fish in a Small Pond

January 2019

A Rhinoceros Hide

Character vs. Conversion

December 2018

A Loving and Faithful Pastor

November 2018

Do It Right, Promptly, and Completely

Discouragement and Depression

Smell the Roses

October 2018

Make Your Bed

Standing In The Gap, Making Up The Hedge

September 2018

A Church Check-up

August 2018

Rainbows, Butterflies, and Fairy Tales

Granddaddy's Church

July 2018

PK’S and MK’S

June 2018

The Spirit of the Church


May 2018


Stadiums or Storefronts

April 2018

Dissolution of the Church

Big Attendance—Low Offering

March 2018

The Pastor's Salary

The Building Fund

February 2018

Where Are the Men?

Protecting the Church

January 2018


December 2017


Low Hanging Fruit

November 2017

The Art of Deputation

Training Your Leaders

October 2017

Critiquing Criticism

September 2017

The First Service

The Greatest Pastor In America

August 2017

Does Your Area Need A Church

If It's Not Working, Fix It

July 2017

Treading Water

June 2017

When the Honeymoon's Over

Get Organized

May 2017

Overcoming Jealousy and Envy

I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help You

April 2017

The Cost of Living

March 2017

A Friend of Sinners

An Ode to the Church Van

February 2017

Millennials, Yuppies, and Baby Boomers

January 2017

Make Our Churches Great Again

Waking Eutychus

Make a Joyful Noise

December 2016

The Philosophy of Church Planting, Part 2

November 2016

The Philosophy of Church Planting, Part 1

The Virtues of Church Planting

October 2016

Office Work

This Is My Story

September 2016

Turn Off Your Phone

You Can’t Help Everyone

August 2016

My Friends

Jessie's Junkyard

July 2016


June 2016

Plodding Along


May 2016

Take Time to Be Holy

April 2016

Teaching Faithfulness

A Scholar, Fishermen, and a Tax Collector


March 2016

How to Make a Million Dollars in the Ministry

February 2016

Don’t Be An Outsider

Sunday School Still Works

January 2016

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

People Say the Nicest Things

December 2015

Have a Party

Hospitals and Funerals

November 2015

Evaluating Your Ministry

Figuring Out How To Figure Things Out

October 2015


The Perfect Pastor

September 2015

Seminars, Retreats, Fellowships, and Conferences

August 2015

A King or a Shepherd?

Losing Your Meeting Place

July 2015

Developing Loyalty

Fire the Song Leader

June 2015

Why People Leave a Church

May 2015

Five to Nine

The Church Planter's Children

April 2015

First Person Plural Pronouns

A Friendly Church

March 2015

The Business Meeting

Be an Example

February 2015

Premodernism - Modernism - Postmodernism

January 2015

The Church Calendar

Receiving Gracefully

December 2014

When You Don't Know What to Do

Pastoral Visits

November 2014


October 2014

The Greatest Place on Earth

Getting Your Family Settled

September 2014

A Tentmaker

Too Much Month Not Enough Money

Church Planters You Should Know - Part 3: Grant G. Rice

August 2014

Church Planters You Should Know - Part 3: Elder John Waller

July 2014

Church Planters You Should Know - Part 2: Isaac Case

Church Planters You Should Know - Part 1: Shubal Stearns

June 2014

Pure Religion

Us Four And No More

May 2014

Don't Do This

April 2014

Every Place Is Not the Same

There Are No Little Churches

Filled with the Spirit

March 2014

You Can’t Please Everyone

February 2014



January 2014

Waiting For Deacons

Is It Okay To Quit?

Update Your Info

December 2013

Church Planting Helps Foreign Missions

November 2013

Top Ten Cities To Start Churches

Warning! Warning! Warning!

October 2013

The First Anniversary

September 2013

Out of Weakness Made Strong

No Cookies and Milk, Just Prayer

August 2013

Information and Explanation

Starting, Restarting, and Starting Again

Delegating Responsibility

July 2013


June 2013

Alien Baptism

May 2013

Marriage—Divorce and Remarriage

A Better Idea

Use Gospel Tracts

The Church Constitution


Brush Your Teeth

Meet Them At The Door

Give To Get

April 2013

Long Term Planning

March 2013

The Blessings of a Crisis

February 2013

Just Preach On

January 2013

How Many Are You Running

October 2012

You Can't Help Everyone

September 2012

Saturday Night Visitation

August 2012

It's Who You Know

July 2012

Your Database

June 2012

The Leaving Disease

Line Up The Chairs

May 2012

Develop a Final Checklist

April 2012

Adopt A Young Preacher

Support a Church Planter

March 2012

Where's the Beef

Give An Invitation

February 2012

After The First Year

January 2012



Independent Fundamental Baptist

December 2011

Twenty-Four Seven

People Are the Key

November 2011

Speak Clearly

October 2011

Borrowing Ideas

Whatever It Takes

September 2011

Spiritual Warfare

Wanted: A Few Good Men

August 2011

A Biblical Philosophy of Church Planting

July 2011

Should Churches Have a "Church Planting" Ministry

June 2011

The Value of Godly Counsel

May 2011


April 2011


Preaching Helps

March 2011

So, You Want to Start a Church?

February 2011

The Measure of Success

January 2011

How to Become a Liberal

November 2010

Great Awakening

October 2010

Where Should a New Church Be Planted?

September 2010

How to Raise Support

August 2010

A Church Planting Time Line

July 2010

Learning from Mistakes

June 2010

Training Your Leaders

May 2010

The Importance of Critics

April 2010

Dealing With Gossip

March 2010

Why Preachers Quit

February 2010

The Preacher's Wife

January 2010

Church Transfers

December 2009

Money Matters

November 2009

Dealing Wisely With People

October 2009

Realistic Expectations

September 2009

When Is a Young Man Ready to Plant a Church?

August 2009

The Church Service

July 2009

The Preacher's Voice

June 2009

Implementing Standards for Leadership

May 2009

Supporting Missionaries

April 2009

Timelines for Starting a Church

March 2009

Managing Your Church Funds

February 2009

Keep Your Shoes Shined

January 2009

Three to Thrive

December 2008

Answer the Phone

November 2008

An Exciting Church

October 2008

Things I Have Learned

September 2008

Becoming a Friendly Church

August 2008

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

July 2008

Who Will Bring the Potato Salad?

June 2008

Cheap Can Be Costly

May 2008


April 2008

Locating a Meeting Place

March 2008

The Impact of a Single Church

February 2008

A Family Affair

January 2008

Stay, Stay, Stay

December 2007

Old Things We Must Retain

November 2007

Thank God for your Work of Faith

October 2007

Confrontational vs. Life-style Evangelism

September 2007

Pleasantville Baptist Church

August 2007


July 2007

The Ministry of Prayer

June 2007

When You're Done, Sit Down

May 2007

Temporary Framework

April 2007

The Sunday After

March 2007


February 2007

Churches Start Churches

January 2007

Raising Up Church Planters in Your Church

December 2006

The New Testament Church Model

November 2006

Lily Work

October 2006

Legal Matters