Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Who Will Bring the Potato Salad?

  • Jim Townsley
  • Jul 6, 2008

Every new church will find difficulty getting people to become faithful to all the services. How do you train members to become faithful? As more and more activities distract believers from church services it is critical to have a plan to teach faithfulness. A universal method of getting people to attend is to ask them to bring something. If they are expected to bring the potato salad they will come to bring it. There are several things that people can be asked to bring or reasons that will be given for people to attend. Two of the best promotions are food and children. People come to hear and watch their children and everyone loves to eat. The gospel preaching must remain primary, however the use of these methods will entice people to attend. The following suggestions are some practical ways of building faithfulness and encourage visitors to come to the services.

First of all, you must talk about faithfulness in every service. We must use the terminology of "Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night." Another idea is "Three to Thrive." Yet another, is to encourage people to come to the Wednesday evening service - "The sweetest service of the week." Special speakers and special series of sermons are also helpful to keep the spirit of excitement in the evening services. People will not come unless they are encouraged and given a reason to come. If they come to a boring service they will probably not return, but if the service is uplifting and encouraging they will be challenged to return.

Secondly, you should have special meetings and activities. Holding choir practice prior to or after the Sunday night or Wednesday service helps to get people in the habit of attending all of these services. Teen visitation on Wednesday night before the service has the teens already at church, which means the parent will come to attend with their teens. A children's choir practice before an evening service also brings people to the service. A Sunday school or workers meeting before or after the evening service will help to develop a spirit of faithfulness in many people. These special activities and meetings give people a reason to be at all of the services and once the habit is established they will realize that they are profiting greatly from these services.

Thirdly, you should have special services. Revival meetings and conferences that include the Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services can help get people started on a path to faithfulness. Special days for Christmas or Easter or activities that involve food and fellowship will help get people to the services that otherwise might not attend. Honor the military with a special time of prayer or hold a special time of prayer for civic leaders. A pie night or ice cream fellowship following the service will give you another reason to encourage people to attend and cause them to think they are missing something by not attending the evening services. If they are asked to bring a pie they will be there for the service also. Special music by the choir or the children's choir will encourage family and friends to come. However, food and fellowship should never replace the preaching of the Word of God. Always make the preaching the main thing and these other things incidental to the preaching. Don't ever cancel the regular service to promote fun activities or replace the preaching with programs.

Fourthly, preach a series of sermons that people will not want to miss. Don't allow the Wednesday preaching to be less important. Make every effort to give your best sermons on Sunday night and Wednesday night. Set the example as the leader of the church. Remember, when people are asked to bring the potato salad they come with it. Think of ways to get people involved and they will become more faithful.