Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



  • Jim Townsley
  • Jun 5, 2018

Along with the warm summer months come vacations. Schools are out and church attendance usually drops simply because there are more people gone than any other time of the year. Lower attendance can be discouraging however, the summer is a great time to reach lost souls and add to the church. There are many activities that are actually more effective during these dog days of summer than any other time of the year. Don’t let the people on vacation keep you from increasing your outreach.

With summer comes warmer weather which makes it more conducive for visitation and canvassing. Cold, snowy, and dreary weather are no longer a hindrance to visitation. In addition, along with the warmer weather comes extended daylight and as a result people are more prone to open their door later in the evening. Because children are out of school someone is more likely to be home during the day. Teens and school children will be looking for things to do and it provides a great opportunity for the church to get people involved.

Even in a young church many special plans can be made that will attract prospects. Bible camp is a great example of a summer program designed for evangelization. Many young people testify to the fact that they were saved and dedicated their lives to the Lord at camp. It can be one of the most effective ministries in reaching teens with the gospel. Vacation Bible School is another very effective ministry that reaches the unsaved and brings in new contacts. Both of these ministries are suited for summer and you would do well to promote them enthusiastically from the pulpit.

Special emphasis can be made in the church services as well. Having a picnic or barbeque can create interest from the community and they provide a perfect fellowship for a Saturday or after church Sunday event. A watermelon night or pie night or anything involving food is always a sure winner to attract attention. A children’s emphasis on Wednesday night such as a children’s revival will keep the church’s focus on spiritual things during these summer months. A father-son outing, a workday or a mission trip are great ideas that have been utilized by others in the past and proved to be very successful.

It would be a huge mistake for a new church to do nothing during the summer simply because some people will be gone part of the time. The preacher must have the vision to recognize that new converts can be added to the church and when fall arrives and fewer people are on vacation the attendance will be increased through your efforts during the summer months.

Don’t be discouraged by people taking vacations. Everyone needs to recharge and hopefully they will come back energized and ready to serve the Lord. Prepare your people spiritually for their vacation. If they will be out of your area encourage them to find a good church and attend all of the services faithfully. Probably they will return with a renewed love for their home church. There is no place like home. 

You should also take a vacation! Preachers need to recharge and get away from the ministry for a brief time. This will help to recuperate physically, mentally and spiritually. Plan something that will truly be a relaxing time and enjoyable time. Summer is a great time of the year to build a church.