Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Use Gospel Tracts

  • Jim Townsley
  • May 7, 2013

The gospel in print is a powerful tool to preach the Word of God. The Bible is our source of faith and practice. It is also the tool God uses to convict souls of their lost condition. The Bible can be distributed in whole or in part. New churches often distribute the Bible in part by preparing and distributing thousands of John and Romans, specially prepared and designed for their church. This is a powerful tool. Families have responded to literature distributed even years after it was given out. Also, the entire New Testament can be designed specifically for your church and distributed by the hundreds and the thousands. When receiving a Bible, even though it is only the New Testament, people in the community are less likely to discard it, while a flyer or postcard can be, in good conscience, thrown into file thirteen.
Tracts are more easily discarded, but they are less expensive, and can be more directed to people's problems and needs. Some tracts can be printed in several languages which can be an important aspect. Tracts are available for the deaf, the terminally ill, divorced, and those dealing with drug addictions. Tracts may be patriotic or nostalgic. They may be directed toward a holiday or appeal to a specific event. Tracts may be in a comic book form where they may be targeted toward children or youth. They may contain a special testimony or deal with a specific issue. Another advantage of using tracts is that many other variety of interests can be addressed.
Tracts are easy to keep with you. They can be kept in your pocket or your purse. They can be easily concealed. They can be distributed to those with whom you do business daily: a waitress, a clerk at a convenience store, a doctor, or anyone whom you may meet.
Finding the proper tracts can take time. It is important that your tracts be well designed and generally attractive. Unattractive literature does not bode well to the church's reputation. Content is also important. Is there a clear presentation of the gospel? Is the content of the message biblical? Is the message clear and well written? One of the dilemmas of selecting good tracts is that the most beautiful tracts often have the weakest message and the tracts with the strongest message are often unattractive. Finding the ones that will work for you will require some time, but that time will be well invested.
Teach your members to use tracts. When a person starts passing out tracts it is a good first step for them to become a soul-winner. Also, when someone receives a tract they may immediately express interest in spiritual things, opening the door for a more full presentation of the gospel. Making tracts available on a rack or displayed on a table will make them visible and encourage their use.
Distributing tracts does not always show immediate results of souls saved, but eternity will reveal how many souls were saved and influenced for heaven by their use. Use gospel tracts in your new church!