Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



  • Jim Townsley
  • Apr 5, 2016
A newly established church will experience many transitions during its first few years; in fact churches are always in a state of transition. Initially, the pastor and his wife assume almost all of the responsibilities of the new church including counting and depositing the money, secretarial work, following up visitors, the music and generally every aspect of leadership. Transferring many of these duties to the proper new members is essential for the strengthening of the church.
One of the roles of the pastor is putting people in charge of specific duties and ministries. The wrong person in the wrong place can cause division and hurt feelings. Much prayer should be made before placing anyone in a position they could have for a long time. The person in charge of the nursery can either encourage new mothers to come to church or they may drive them away. The nursery leader is a very important position. The treasurer who counts the money and writes the checks is another very important position. The treasurer must keep all the giving private and keep certain information in complete confidence. In addition, the treasurer must be capable of maintaining excellent records and paying bills promptly. A lack of integrity with money is sure to incite problems for the church. 
It is important for the preacher to learn how to delegate duties to the right people. One way of recognizing people’s abilities is to give them a temporary role or ask them to fill in for someone. Sometimes people do not realize they have the ability to teach until they try it. Others may have leadership abilities that will enable them to be in charge of others, such as the nursery. Another important ministry is the music of the church. It seems some of the greatest problems in the church involve music. Designating clear guidelines and appointing the right leaders is crucial for this important ministry. The music ministry of the church can be a blessing or a great curse. Therefore, it is important to have godly leaders who will give the Lord their best and follow the leadership of the church. 
Calling a new pastor is the most important decision a church will make. Some church planters know from the beginning of the new church that they intend to get the church started, get it on its feet and then turn it over to someone else. Transferring the leadership of the church without a good plan can lead to catastrophe.  The wrong person could quickly diminish the vision of the church and that could soon contribute to the destruction of the church. 
In calling a new pastor much prayer should be made on behalf of this decision. God knows the right man for the job and the members should do their best to earnestly seek the Lord’s direction. If possible the previous pastor could help the church to locate a new pastor. Sometimes an assistant could be hired and prepared to take over the pastor’s role when the pastor resigns, this will allow the members the opportunity to get to know the new pastor before they make a decision concerning his new role. Seeking a pastor from outside the local church can be a difficult challenge. Every candidate should submit a resume which should include personal references. These references should be contacted to help determine the man’s suitability to fit into the church family. Asking a man to come preach for a Sunday gives the church very little information to make a decision and sometimes it becomes nothing more than a popularity vote. Calling a pastor from the candidate’s area for a reference may give the church a better sense of the preacher’s temperament and abilities. 
Most people do not like change, but change is always occurring and change will always occur in a new church. Leading the church family to work together in a Christ-honoring way is one of the greatest challenges of every preacher.