Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


The Greatest Place on Earth

  • Jim Townsley
  • Oct 23, 2014
God calls men to specific places to start and build churches. Every man is called to a place, whether it be rural, urban, or suburban. The variety of cultures in our country consists of many nationalities, various religions, and unique traditions that have come from all over the world. America's cities offer one of the greatest mission fields in the world, yet they have been largely abandoned by our fundamental Baptist movement and they are in desperate need of the gospel. I believe God gives men special grace to call them to these metropolitan areas. In rural America there are still many unreached communities with very different needs than the cities. God gives men a special grace to minister in these less populated places. Every region of the country has its own uniqueness and God gives grace for men He calls to each place.
God may lead you to an area influenced by a military base, an Indian reservation, a college campus, or a unique pocket of people. Your community may be very poor, blue collar, or upper middleclass. If you follow the leading of God He will provide a special place for you. The place of God's calling for you is the greatest place on earth, because it is in the will of God and He has directed you there. Your community will recognize your love for them and the community.
If you do not think your place of service is the greatest place on earth you may be in the wrong place or you have allowed Satan to discourage you. I have met preachers who constantly complained about their church and their area of service. Something needs to change, because if it is the place of God's calling it should be a privilege to serve God there.
God gives grace and vision when He calls a man to a place. Church growth and salvation decisions will never be the same for every area. On an Indian reservation it can be expected to be a slow process of starting and building a church. In a new and growing suburban area where many Christians have relocated it can be expected to build and assembly of people more quickly. However, the criteria for success should not be the size of the church or the number of salvation decisions. Far too often men compare themselves with other ministries, get discouraged, and either quit or compromise. The measure of a man's success is determined by the extent of God's control in his life, not by the size of his congregation.
No man should be slack in his commitment and work ethic just because his area may seem more difficult. There is no excuse for not giving your best! God will reveal some day the true commitment of His servants and there will likely be many surprises. There may be a man of God at some country crossroad who never missed the mark and gave his entire life to his community.
If you do not love your area, something is wrong. Take the time to evaluate your life. Is the problem with you and your attitude or are you in the wrong place? I love the place of God's calling for me and wouldn't trade it for any other ministry in the world. I believe every preacher should feel the same. Being in the ministry is difficult, but it is also very rewarding. People have stated to me that they would never want my job and I always say, I wouldn't want theirs. The key, of course, is just being in the will of God, doing what God wants you to do, and that is a great privilege.
Embrace the cultural differences of your ministry area. Is your community populated with Italians, Polish, Irish, German, or French? It is important to hold to biblical separation in areas of godliness, but a man can learn to enjoy the traditions and culture of the people to whom he ministers. If your area is influenced by Asians or Spanish you should learn to love the people God has given you. Though God calls men various places, the greatest place on earth should be the place where God has called you to serve.