Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


The Cost of Living

  • Jim Townsley
  • Apr 10, 2017
After surrendering to God’s call to church planting the next step will be locating the right location. Although, there are many considerations in finding the place of God’s calling it does come down to where God wants you to go. If, after considerable prayer and research you feel led to an expensive and populous city the cost of living should not deter you from going. 
There are many variations of culture and costs within the United States. The Midwest, the West Coast, the Northeast, the Southeast, the Southwest, the Mid-Atlantic and the South each have their own culture and their own differences. Masses of people live in each region and within each region there are differences made up of rural communities and metropolitan communities. Also, there are very poor communities, middle class communities and wealthy communities, each having its own unique challenges, but the church planter must be able to see himself being the pastor of his own unique town or community. When God guides you to a specific city He will provide for you, no matter how expensive it may seem. “Where God guides God provides.”
The cost of living should be a consideration, but never a deterrent. The cost of living in rural Tennessee or rural Indiana will be much lower than in a major city. The taxes on a median home in the rural Midwest or in the rural South might be $500 - $1200 per year. In a major city of the East or West Coast property taxes may be $1000 per month or more. To rent a two bedroom apartment in New York City may cost $3,000 - $4,000 per month. In a Midwest community it may cost $500-$700 per month. Buying property in California (if it can be found at all) may be ten times that of the South. In New York City, land may not be available for any price because of the heavy concentration of the population. If cost alone were the main criteria to start a church then most populous cities and towns would be totally neglected. Many of the living costs may vary considerably from one place to another, but the city will probably be more expensive to live in than the country. However the cost of living should not deter anyone from going to a needy area. 
It is important to recognize that if people live in these expensive cities then you can too. All that you have to do is reach ten tithing families to provide your salary. The biggest challenge in starting a church in an area with a high cost of living is adjusting to an unknown lifestyle, but adapting to this new culture of living is imperative for survival. The preacher must realize he may be paying twice the amount of rent he is accustomed to or perhaps even much more but the real issue is understanding how people live in this society and adjusting his life accordingly. 
The main goal of church planting is to reach the unreached and to start churches where they are needed. People may be rich or poor and the cost of living in their community may be expensive or cheap, but the main goal is to reach lost souls. If God calls you to a rural area of the Midwest you should go and God will bless you for it. If God calls you to a metropolitan area of the United States don’t allow fear of the cost of living deter you from the will of God. Half of the US population lives in the city which has a high cost of living. These precious souls must not be neglected.