Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


The Building Fund

  • Jim Townsley
  • Mar 1, 2018
Starting a church usually involves most of the church planter’s money and resources leaving very little left over. If the church plant is successful it usually requires a few years before the new pastor is able to get on a strong personal financial footing. With that in mind it would seem unnecessary, even if it were possible, to consider purchasing a piece of property or even starting a building fund. However, it is never too early to start a building fund. Starting a fund doesn’t mean that purchasing property is imminent, it just means it is in the future plans. 
During the beginning days of starting the church the church planter may think it is impossible to ever buy property or build a new building, but the sooner the fund is started the better the opportunity it will be to save enough money to buy that first property. It is not difficult to set up a special savings account and make it known that all the money will be going to the purchase of church property. No one gives to a fund that doesn’t exist. If there is no challenge and no vision for a permanent location it is unlikely that anyone will see the need for the church to save money for that purpose. 
Supporting churches should be made aware of your fund. Occasionally, churches raise special funds and they are looking for a special project for which to give. If there is no fund they will not realize you need the money. Church members may be able to give a little each week or each month and it is possible that someone has a significant amount of money and would like to give it if they knew you had a vision for it. However small a gift may be, it all adds up over time. You have to start somewhere and the sooner the better. 
If a building fund is started it is imperative that the money be used only for that purpose. Building fund money should not be borrowed from or used in any way for anything other than purchasing property. In the event that the church closes, the money should not be used as a stipend for the pastor’s salary. Integrity in using this money must be maintained and if it is not people, will discontinue giving toward it. 
Finding property may require many years before something becomes available, but if it happens soon after the start the church you will not want to miss that opportunity. Some opportunities come only once and a good steward will be ready when that opportunity arises. 
A church can meet in a rented space for several years, but there are almost always drawbacks to renting and there are usually many advantages to owning. When the church its own property the members will be able to meet any day or time they want. There are no blackout dates when it can’t be used. Another advantage is people are more likely to see the church and sense that you are more stable when you have a permanent meeting place. Thus they are more likely to attend. A permanent church building is no guarantee that people will flock to your church, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of owning rather than renting.
Perhaps the most difficult part of church planting is finding the right meeting place. Much prayer should be offered for God to work in a mighty way to provide the right place. Securing a suitable place to meet is an absolute must and if the meeting place is permanent it is that much better. Start a building fund ASAP.