Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



  • Jim Townsley
  • Jul 5, 2013

Special days and events add excitement to the church. A church should be known for its love, evangelism, and doctrine. Special days and events develop long standing traditions and loyalty to the church. A promotion every Sunday giving away a trinket should not necessarily our reference. Developing special events and days that promote reaching the lost and developing a love for the Lord and His church should be our emphasis. The following list is not exhaustive nor is it practical for every region and every church. However, some of the following ideas may help to promote reaching the lost and building the church.
Conduct a Friend Sunday. A Friend Sunday is a special day where every member is encouraged to invite their friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors. A small gift could be given to every visitor, or a special meal could be provided following the service. The most effective way to bring visitors to the church is through the invitation of friends and family.
Have a Family Day. Pictures could be taken of each family and recognition could be made for the largest family or the most generations etc. A family night could be promoted on a Wednesday night or Sunday night as well as Sunday morning. An entire family could sing the special, another family could quote a Bible passage. Testimonies could be given of the blessing of a Christian home. This could be a very special service.
Have a Baby Day. Some members never see the little ones of the church. The small children could form a parade to the front of the church. Each family could introduce their baby to the church family and a small Bible could be given to each baby. Parents and grandparents enjoy showing off their little ones.
Promote a Fall Festival. This could become a very big Sunday to bring in unsaved children and adults. Rides, booths, and food all add to the atmosphere and excitement. This could be done following the morning service. This is especially effective for those that have a bus ministry. Homemade booths, games, and food are always fun and the gospel can be preached and souls saved. This event also gets people involved and gives them a sense of doing something for the Lord.
The Fall is a great time to have a Pie Night. Ladies like to bake them and men like to eat them. This could become a yearly tradition. In addition, the children might enjoy a yearly Sunday morning called Balloon Sunday. What child does not enjoy a balloon?
An Anniversary Sunday or Homecoming Sunday could become a yearly tradition that brings in people who have been unfaithful as well as new people who have never attended. Photos of the good old days and from the events of the year can be shown to everyone's enjoyment. A souvenir could be given for special anniversaries such as the tenth, twenty-fifth, or fiftieth anniversary of the church. Special music and special guests may add to the excitement of the day.
Celebrate Bible Day. Emphasis should be given to the importance of reading the Bible and distributing it. Old Bibles could be displayed and perhaps one of the Pastor's old Bibles could be displayed. A sermon on the Bible's importance could be preached in the morning or the evening service.
It is customary on Mother's Day to give every mother a flower. However on Father's Day it is difficult to know what might be appropriate as a gift of recognition. Asking the ladies to bring a small dessert plate with their favorite cookies, pie, or cake will be an enjoyable day that all will want to repeat yearly. What father doesn't like dessert?
Church is not all fun and games. The preaching of the Bible and the winning of the lost are the key purposes of the church. However, having some special days can attract visitors and give your church family a reason to invite their unsaved family and friends to church. These special events should be promoted by the pastor and he should get excited about them. If the preacher gets excited about them the members will get excited about them. Make your church known as a place of activity and excitement.