Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Old Things We Must Retain

  • Jim Townsley
  • Dec 21, 2007

In our technological and computerized world we enjoy many conveniences unknown by our predecessors. In our haste to find the newest and most exciting trend or invention we can unfortunately lose sight of the fact that some things span time and generations and will never be replaced by something new or better. Every young man must learn to discern the value of something new without compromising the truth. Of the many things we should retain I have listed only a few.

1. Great preachers of the past. I recall hearing some great men of God who now are with the Lord. Lee Roberson, Tom Malone, Harold Sightler, Lester Roloff, and Oliver B. Green are only a few. These men and many more were pioneers of our fundamental Baptist churches. There was an intensity and conviction in their preaching that I believe is rare today. We must not discard them as insignificant preachers of the past and they should be highly respected as great men of God. Sermons from these men can be found on many web sites and we should listen to their sermons periodically and pass them on to the next generation of preachers. Other great men and women preceded the technology necessary to record their voices. Many of these men's lives and ministries have been preserved in biographies. Some of these biographies are readily found in Christian bookstores while others have become rare and can be found only in used bookstores. We should read the stories of these men and women and pass on their example of faith.

2. The Bible. There has never been a book written like our Bible. The Bible is the answer to life's problems and challenges. The Word of God is in fact the very Word of God and is profitable to every believer to prepare him for the Lord's service. The Bible is historically correct, scientifically correct, and it is without contradiction or error. Therefore we should not replace it with psychology or man-made philosophy. God does not need man-made ideas; he simply desires our obedience. We do not need a new translation, rather we need strict adherence to the one we have. We have witnessed an assault upon our Kings James Version. Publishers have marketed numerous translations merely for the purpose of profiting. We have been sold a bill of goods and unfortunately many unwary believers and have been deceived.

3. The traditional hymns. It seems the first matter of compromise in churches is the music. The old hymns have depth and meaning. They are not shallow and lacking in doctrine as so much of the contemporary music of our day. The old hymns speak of the blood, the book, and the blessed hope. Many of the old songs were born out of sorrow and trials and exalt the Lord and praise Him for His intervention and grace. I like to hold the songbook in my hands and sing songs that honor the lord.

4. The Sunday School. The Sunday School movement has continued to diminish. Little emphasis is placed upon it. Though others may abandon it, I intend to continue to make it a priority of the ministry. The opportunity to teach a child from infancy to adulthood all the stories of the Bible as well as many doctrines and convictions cannot be overstated. It is not easy to get people to see its importance, but it is well worth the effort to get moms and dads and children under the teaching of the Bible every Sunday morning.

5. Bible separation. We live in a biblically illiterate culture. The world cannot possibly understand the life style of a born again believer. We shouldn't expect the world to understand, since we are commanded to be separate from the world. Christians must be taught the importance of being distinctively Christian. Every believer ought to be taught the importance of modest dress and warned to beware of worldly entertainment.

6. World-wide missions. The great commission is not to merely start a church and build a single church in one town. The gospel has no bounds. The church should extend itself from its central location to neighboring towns and throughout the region unto the ends of the earth. Every church should be a mission-minded church. New churches are always a great resource for mission support. Soon after a church begins, faith promise commitments for missions can be implemented at no detriment to the local church. Upon starting a missions program new churches find that their general offerings increase as well. The reason for this phenomenon is that people understand the need to give to missionaries, but their giving is in addition to their tithe. God blesses a giving church and people should be taught to have a giving spirit.

7. Investing in the youth. If we live long enough, one day we will be old. Who will take the reins of our ministry? The youth are always a key to the success of every new church and frequently they should be referenced in the sermons. Sometimes the most faithful members are teens. Teens can be great soul-winners and they will add excitement to the church. We must not make the mistake of assuming youth are not capable of serving. They have energy and enthusiasm and they also are the future of the church. Teens should be encouraged to serve in the church and much time should be given to their development and training. Don't fear challenging and employing the talents of our youth. New technology can be a help to the ministry. However, we must not abandon that which is tried and true!