Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Office Work

  • Jim Townsley
  • Oct 26, 2016
A pastor must guard against spending too much time doing office work. Visitation is the number one priority for a new church planter. However, accurate record keeping and updating documents is a necessary aspect of the ministry. Seldom is a new church able to afford a secretary to do office work therefore it will be necessary for the pastor or his wife to handle this task. 
Because of the invention of the computer record keeping has become much easier and more accurate. But it still requires some of the pastor’s time. Adding information to a database is crucial to maintain records of prospects, visitors and members. Normally an inexpensive software can be used to do this basic task.  Without accurate records, names of prospects will be lost and these people may remain unreached without ever hearing the gospel. Names, addresses, emails and phone numbers should be included into the database on a weekly basis. Your database is crucial for future mailings and basic communication. 
Another important category of record keeping is the offerings from every individual. It is of utmost importance to keep these records private, confidential and accurate. At the end of each year every contributor to the church should receive a signed letter from either the church treasurer or the pastor stating the yearly amount of their contributions. In addition, members who plan to deduct their giving on their income tax return should use an envelope for their weekly tithes and offerings. The use of envelopes will give a second verification of their gifts and if they give by check they will have a third means of verification. Once a donation is made to the church the envelopes should be archived for several years in case a member is audited.
Also, the church constitution should be carefully prepared and periodically reviewed and updated. One key element to keep in mind when preparing the constitution is to ask yourself, “Is this really how we intend to operate the church?” If the church doesn’t follow the constitution then either the constitution should be changed or the way the church operates should be changed to follow its governing laws. Also, there are certain legal issues that should be included in the language of the constitution. Some items to consider when drafting the constitution: 
1. No earnings from the church should be distributed to any member unless they are employed by the church. 
2. A statement of nondiscriminatory practices against anyone on the basis of race, color or ethnic origin should be included.
3. A statement should be included clarifying the church’s Biblical position on sexual orientation.
4. Any issue that is needed to guard the church from legal action should be included. 
5. Clarify who has the use of funds and designate who has authority to spend money.
Another administrative aspect of the ministry is the church web site. Most people looking for a church use their computer to locate a church based on the church’s web site. It is important to keep the information current. If news on the site is six months old prospects may believe the church is not well organized or efficient. Therefore new prospects could essentially be lost. It is crucial to keep everything up to date. 
Writing blogs and surfing the web can waste valuable hours that could be used to visit the lost. Some aspects of office work are necessary and other office work can be a distraction. Don’t become known as a pastor that is always in his office. Become known as a pastor that is always visiting the lost and visiting his needy members. Keep up with your office work, but don’t do any more than is necessary. If possible pay someone to do the work for you or perhaps your wife can help with this important task and keep you free to fulfill the office of a pastor.