Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



  • Jim Townsley
  • Oct 19, 2015
 Job informs us that heavenly beings praise our Lord and Creator. "When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?" -- Job 38:7. Our God is a musical God and He gave man the ability to sing as well as make music with instruments. God intends for man to use music to worship Him as Scripture reveals that it was an important part of the worship service at the temple. Also, the Levitical tribes designated temple musicians and singers, offering their praises to God. During the time of the kings we see how David played the harp for King Saul when he was depressed. David also wrote most of the songs in Psalms. In fact,  music is found throughout all of history and it still is an important facet of the Christian community.
Developing a strong music program takes years, but it must not be ignored at the beginning of the church. The church planter may be limited in his musical ability, but he should not be limited in stressing its importance and working to develop it in his new church. If he can sing and his wife can play the piano that will be a great asset to the new church. However, when the pastor and his family are limited in their music ability how can he incorporate music into a fledgling church and what does he do when he has no piano player and no song leader?
This situation could have been avoided by taking a song leading class while in Bible College and the church planters wife could have taken lessons before the church was started. Even if  the song leading and piano playing is not proficient, it can still be effective. But for various reasons it may be necessary to find an alternate plan to provide music for the new church. It's never too late for the pastor's wife to take lessons and learn to play and it's never too late for the preacher to take lessons on song leading, even if it is at a beginners level.
In the event that there is no piano player it may become necessary to purchase and use a hymn player or to have someone record the piano to be played on a sound system. There are various places where one of these can be purchased. Even if the pastor has no experience in song leading, if there is no one else, by default he must stand in front of the congregation and do his best to lead the singing.
When preparing the daily order of service, songs should be included that are familiar to the song leader and hopefully to the congregation. As a general rule the more rousing songs should be sung in the beginning and gradually becoming more devotional as the last song is sung, preparing the congregation for the preaching. The music should never take precedent from the message. Preaching is the main thing and the music should enhance the preaching.
The music program should continually be developed and improved. Every effort should be made to find someone to play the piano. Even of no one is able to play at the beginning of the church a piano should be available in the auditorium in case someone attends who can play. Also, if a piano is there everyone realizes that a piano player is needed. Piano players can be developed from the congregation by encouraging young people and beginners to take lessons. If there is a piano player I would suggest obtaining a keyboard or an addition piano. The additional piano can serve as a means to train more players. Children or beginning adults will be more willing to play knowing that they are not the main one. Once they begin playing they will start practicing and soon they will get better. Waiting for someone to show up with musical talent will prevent the church from developing talent from within.
God honoring music is indispensable for every church and a strong commitment to its development will pay dividends for years to come.