Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



  • Jim Townsley
  • May 6, 2013

Momentum in church planting is wonderful when you have it but not so good when you don't. If you have it and lose it, it is especially difficult to regain. Momentum could also be described as excitement, spirit, or atmosphere. A good start to a new church can provide momentum, excitement, and a good spirit from the beginning. A new church should be a place of excitement, but unfortunately that is not always the case.
No one wants to attend a church which exhibits a dull or boring atmosphere. A poor beginning can develop into a permanent reputation that may be difficult to change. A great atmosphere does not happen by accident. Recognizing its importance how can you develop excitement and generate a great spirit in a new church? The pastor is the key and he must initiate and generate it. If the preacher is not enthusiastic the rest of the congregation will not be either.
The pastor must spend a lot of time visiting and finding prospects. There can be no excuses for a lack of visitation. It is important to develop a rapport with as many people as possible. New visitors and new converts change the atmosphere of the assembly and these new visitors and new converts create momentum and excitement in the church. Winning people to Christ will always create excitement. When someone gets saved it excites the entire congregation. New believers will change the atmosphere of any church. Hard work, much prayer, and continual visitation are imperative so that new people will be reached. When these new people come they bring excitement to the church.
The service itself should be exciting. Music should be playing ten to fifteen minutes before every service. When people arrive they should sense something spiritual is about to happen that will put them in the proper mood to meet God. The service should begin on time with enthusiastic singing. The song leader must be enthusiastic and excited about the service. The service should move along without long pauses and in an organized manner. Good music is not always possible in a new church, but from the beginning every effort must be made to develop a Christ honoring music program. The accompaniment by a piano, organ, or any other instrument can add to the spirit of the service.
Friendliness is vital to the health and growth of every new work. Members of the church should anticipate visitors coming and show friendliness toward them. Teach your people how to be friendly and keep them conscience of new visitors. People left to themselves will see church as a service for them and not an opportunity to serve others. Train your people to be soul conscience. The pastor and leaders should purposely arrive early and greet people as they arrive at church.
Special events and special meetings can add to the spirit and momentum of the church. There should always be something that is being promoted so that people always expect something to be happening when they come to church. Continual activity is not necessarily a sign of God working, but no activity clearly suggests God is not working.
Even though momentum is important there can be periods where every church will go through trials and difficulties. Some of these difficult times are necessary and will help mature the church. Regaining the previous spirit of the church may take a long time. Even though God allows trials and struggles the focus of the church should be returned again to one of excitement as soon as possible.
Starting a church is a difficult task. Creating excitement and momentum requires much planning, praying, visiting, and work. Starting a church without it will establish an uphill battle when trying to build a successful ministry.