Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Low Hanging Fruit

  • Jim Townsley
  • Dec 14, 2017
It is easier to pick fruit from an apple tree when you can reach the apples while standing on the ground. This is called picking low hanging fruit. The apples that require a ladder or some device to reach high into the tree are more difficult and treacherous to pick. In a similar way there are some people that may be easier to reach who are easily attracted to a new church. Though many others can be reached with the gospel it may require much more time and energy to reach them.
Of course getting people saved is never an easy task because every soul that gets saved requires the intervention of God Himself. Conversion is a divine act of God whereby a lost person turns from darkness to light and only the Holy Spirit can convict and convert a lost soul. However, there are places and people that may more readily respond to the gospel. Every new church planter should concentrate on reaching the most responsive people from the beginning of the new church. Reaching the low hanging fruit should be where the church planter should invest the majority of his time.
Every region of the country will have differences in culture and response to the gospel, but those most likely to respond should be targeted initially. Most people get saved as a child so it would seem reasonable in a new church to cater to children and families with children. Children can be reached through a bus or van ministry, through special children’s programs and activities at the church, at camps or at Vacation Bible School. Even teens can be attracted through activities that interest them. Remember that children and teens have parents and most parents want the best for their children and they are willing to do almost anything for them. Also, keep in mind that children grow up and some day they will be adults and they could be the future leaders in your church. Make a point of reaching the youth of your community. 
People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are another people group that generally is more ready to respond to the gospel. They realize they need help and sometimes they are willing to try something different in hopes that they can change their behavior. Other people that can be responsive to your efforts are people who face health issues or people who are dealing with family troubles. The gospel is the real help they need to cure their problems. A new church often is not filled with business men and community leaders but usually reflects a group of people that have a great need which the church can meet. 
Eventually, as the church matures, it will evolve to be more like the community as a whole, but it does take time. In addition, a church’s responsibility to reach the outcasts is a never ending pursuit. There will always be people with great problems who need help and it is the church’s responsibility to reach them. Children must always be reached and if the church ceases to reach young people eventually the church will grow old and die. New converts bring new life to a church and God can save anyone who will respond to the gospel. But, a church planter has a limited amount of time, therefore it is important to invest his time in the best possible way. Starting out by reaching the low hanging fruit makes a lot of sense.