Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


If It's Not Working, Fix It

  • Jim Townsley
  • Aug 2, 2017
Are souls being saved? Are new prospects visiting the church? Is the church growing? These are important questions that every preacher must ask himself periodically. Numbers are not always the ultimate test for success in church planting, however no results indicates something is wrong. When the church is not growing and being established the preacher must face the reality that something is wrong. If it’s not working you need to fix it. 
Your area may be more difficult to reach than other areas and the results may not be impressive to other preachers, but that is no excuse for not building a church. You must face the reality and admit that what you are doing is not working. If you continue to do what is not working a church will never be planted and you will eventually become discouraged and quit. In addition, you may discourage others from ever trying to start a church. Discouragement is infectious. If you will be humble enough to face your shortcomings I believe God will help you to make the changes that are hindering your church from growing.
There are many possible reasons for a lack of growth but one of the reasons is a lack of prolonged soul-winning and visitation.  Starting a church requires more than two hours a week of visitation. Forty hours a week may not be enough. If you don’t want to visit that many hours a week then you may not be cut out to start a church. Cold turkey witnessing should be accompanied by weekly visits to possible prospects that may have visited the church. New contacts must be made on a weekly basis. 
            Another reason for anemic church growth is the wrong approach. Many a preacher has become discouraged and quit because he tried to get the people to accept his culture rather than understand the culture of his community. There is a wide difference in the culture of the inner city, the suburbs and the rural communities. There is a big difference between the north and the south. There is a difference between the east coast and the west coast. You cannot southernize people in the north, it will fail every time. Many prejudices exist and you must understand them to work with the people of your region. Failure to understand your community will result in failure. 
Another approach that is doomed to fail is a harsh leadership style. A pastor with poor communication skills will run off more people than he attracts. America is becoming more and more humanistic and without showing a genuine love and concern for people it is nearly impossible to reach the lost. Sometimes simple adjustments can make a huge difference in reaching your community. If you are constantly offending people in your community you must change. Even if people do not agree with your doctrine they should respect you because they sense that you care and that you have a genuine love for them.
The rate of church growth will vary from region to region, but a church that is not really becoming self-sufficient has a problem and the problem may be that the preacher does not know how to reach his community. Souls are in the balance, if it’s not working, fix it!