Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


How to Become a Liberal

  • Jim Townsley
  • Jan 28, 2011

Of course I am being facetious; I don't want anyone to become a Liberal. The label of Liberalism is one all fundamentalists seek to avoid. But, from where do Liberals and Modernists come? The origin of these compromisers and heretics, surprisingly, is from those who once were faithful to the truth. Like the Gnostics of the early church, Liberals invade the true church of God and try to deceive the faithful. These heretics do not start their own churches, but instead they fill their ranks from those who once were dedicated to the cause of Christ.

It must be understood that Liberalism develops over time and strengthens through compromise. Liberalism is a gradual process that begins with small issues. Therefore it is important for church planters and young pastors to always be on guard for the deceptive methods of the modern day trends that can lead to the destructive influence of Liberalism.

No one intentionally sets out to become a Liberal, yet a series of compromises will eventually lead to this end. A wise man will listen to the right voices, men who have been proven over time and have been faithful to the Lord's work. Rehoboam is an example of listening to the wrong people. But he forsook the counsel of the old men, which they had given him, and consulted with the young men that were grown up with him, and which stood before him: 1Kings 12:8

I have observed first hand the destructive forces of compromise. During my preschool years my family attended an American Baptist Church. Being a country church, the modernism of the early nineteen hundreds slowly exposed its influence. Eventually the mind set of the church was influenced to the point the church no longer preached the gospel and apathy gripped the congregation. Ultimately the church closed and the building was sold. These changes in philosophy occurred at a time in my life where I was most impressionable and unfortunately my life became characterized by selfishness and pride. My teen years were filled with rebellion and sadly Liberalism had done its wicked deed to paralyze our family spiritually.

I'm sure young people think I am too strict and members can not understand why I am so concerned with standards of music and dress. The first battle ground for compromise is usually music and dress standards. Compromising the Bible and doctrine always seem to follow. The lack of concern about these issues usually is because they are not seen as that important. The depth of one's commitment is often revealed by the response to questionable things. The preacher should live above reproach and above question.

America needs many more churches planted in needy areas, but these new churches must be the right kind of churches. We must start churches that are like our fundamental churches and have our standards, vision, and passion. Every new church will struggle to bring the first members to a point of dedication so that their lives will resemble New Testament Christianity. A young preacher will find this very difficult and Satan will tempt every preacher to give up on trying developing godly living standards in the church. I must remind you that the end result of compromise may temporarily see an increase in members, but it will eventually lead to worldliness, spiritual apathy, and finally death.

The Bible is our guide for faith, doctrine, and practice. The Word of God gives guidelines for godly music and it will never resemble the music of the world. The Bible reveals biblical guidelines for modest dress. (I have written a lengthy paper entitled, "BIBLICAL STANDARDS OF DRESS IN A CULTURE OF CORRUPTION" which I will send to you upon request.) We must know what the Bible teaches on the issues of the day and if we are not watchful the devil will come along and deceive us. Never minimize anything the Bible teaches, all of it is important.

So, how can you become a Liberal? It's easier than most men realize, just follow the trends of the day and the next generation will be well on their way. But, to keep from becoming a Liberal we must be on our guard to never compromise the first time. I would rather be accused of being too strict than to be a compromiser. It requires no courage to compromise, simply follow the crowd. Standing for the truth may be lonely, but it is always Christ honoring.