Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Have a Party

  • Jim Townsley
  • Dec 28, 2015
Having a party doesn't sound very spiritual, but there needs to be some levity and joy in the church. The primary needs of the church involve doctrine and purity because starting and building a church is serious business and it should be understood as such. However, new believers need to understand that the Christian life offers real happiness and joy and celebrating that in specific ways can enhance the happiness and health of the church family. 
There are many occasions where a celebration can be acceptable. The first one begins in Sunday School. The Sunday school classes can recognize the birthdays of its members and sing happy birthday to everyone that has had a birthday that week.  Sometimes anniversaries are also mentioned. This birthday celebration can be very simple or more elaborate, but the point is that everyone likes a party. 
Holidays offer another opportunity for people to come together for food and fellowship. Christmas can be celebrated by a fellowship of the whole church, a ladies' cookie swap, the Sunday School classes, or a youth fellowship. Each of these offer a special opportunity to build relationships and strengthen the church family. 
Numerous other opportunities may include: a baby shower, a wedding shower, a men's prayer breakfast, a ladies' luncheon, a fourth of July picnic, or a church anniversary. Keep in mind that the Bible refers to the immediate time after the rapture as "the marriage supper of the Lamb." If the Bible refers to special meal fellowships then it must be a good thing. The festive Jewish holidays were reminders of special events in the history of the nation and they were accompanied with food. Also, it was at the Passover supper that Jesus ate with His disciples and instituted the Lord's Supper. Many of these meals held specific significance in the history of the nation and they offered teaching opportunities for the young people to be taught truth. 
In addition to teaching truth and offering fellowship, these special events can also be an evangelistic tool. Feeding the hungry is a biblical virtue and it can offer a great opportunity to reach the unsaved. A special meal could be panned for the children of the church or the bus ministry which could reach many lost including parents. Food was used as a tool when Jesus fed the five thousand. This miracle generated interest in Jesus ministry and many believed when they witnessed this miracle. Pizza parties, picnics, and suppers are a major part of a church being a happy church and often these events become an evangelistic outreach. Who wouldn't want to attend church followed by homemade pies, watermelon, or ice cream after the evening service. Throughout the year there are seasons that can be utilized to edify the church and reach the lost.
Seasonal events include, Christmas parties, valentine banquets, cookout-barbeques, ice-cream, fish fries, watermelon, and cider with doughnuts in the Fall.  
Preaching and doctrine are most important, but don't forget the importance of these special activities as tools to edify the saints and reach the lost. Food, fun, and fellowship can also serve a great purpose in a new church.