Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Getting Your Family Settled

  • Jim Townsley
  • Oct 10, 2014
Starting a church is a long term endeavor, but in the beginning it can be difficult to visualize beyond the first few weeks. Everyone is anxious to get started, but there are no shortcuts to doing it right. Consideration of the pastor's family must be a top priority. Finding a place to live and getting settled in a new home requires time and it is important to take the necessary time to do so. The pastor's wife needs the help of her husband to move into the new residence because it is important for her to make it seem like home. Becoming familiar with shopping stores, medical offices, and important places of the community are also essential aspects of getting established. Generally speaking it will require two or three weeks of time to properly get settled and this time should be included as part of the process of church planting. Here are a few suggestions on getting settled:
1. Unpack. Get everything put in its place. The preacher should not leave all this to his wife, but help her get everything unpacked and situated to make it feel like home.
2. Visit local attractions. If there are parks, amusements, or special attractions in your area it will help you to identify with the community to visit some of these places.
3. Visit area churches. Visiting church services of area churches will only be possible prior to your first service. These visits will give you an understanding of the religious exposure of your community and it will give you a greater sense of the need in your city.
4. Change your car registration. An out of state license plate can cause alarm to neighbors as you begin visiting door to door. An in state license plate will help you to identify with the community and they will be more at ease knowing you are a local resident. You don't want to be seen as an outsider.
5. Get your new driver's license for you and every driver in your family. There will be circumstances that you will need to show your identification and if it is within the state to which you moved it will prevent unnecessary problems.
6. Drive around your community. Driving through your community will help you get a lay of the land and help you to  become  more familiar with your area. It will also help your wife to feel more comfortable driving to her necessary places.
7. Eat out. Moving and unpacking is a strenuous job and it will be considerate of your wife to eat out a few meals so that she doesn't have to do dishes and slave over a hot stove.
8. Help the children get settled. Take your children to a park or a place in the community that they will enjoy. It should be a positive experience for them as you move to this new area.
9. Get to  know people. Go to the same checkout line at the grocery store and get to know that person well. Get gas at the same place and do business with a purpose to get to know people from the community. Go to the same bank teller and everything you do in the community should be with a purpose to make lasting contacts.
10. Get to work. Once ample time has been taken to get settled, it is time to dive into the work which will require long hours and hard work. Starting a new church is demanding and this is why time should be taken prior to the start, because there will be no time for several weeks to come. Be wise and get your family properly settled into your new community.