Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Get Organized

  • Jim Townsley
  • Jun 1, 2017

Preachers must be organized if they want to reach their highest potential in the ministry. Failure to be organized can be costly. A follow up visit may be missed that could have resulted in the salvation of a lost soul. A bill may be paid late resulting in a late fee. Failure to file the proper forms in a timely manner to the IRS could be devastating. Being disorganized can result in money problems either for the church, the pastor or both. A lack of organization will at the very least result in inefficiency for the ministry.

But what does it mean to be organized? What’s the best way to get organized? How can you create the best system to be organized? When something is “organized” it means simply that it’s where it needs to be. Things need to go where they need to go. If something cannot be found in five minutes it has not been properly stored. When anything is filed or stored you should ask yourself, “Will I know where to find this later and will I understand what it is?”

Becoming organized starts with getting your personal life and possessions in order, especially your finances. That means you should be out of debt and living by a designated budget. A calendar listing meetings and activities must be kept along with daily notifications reminding you of each event. Books must be placed on shelves and office supplies must be properly stored. Visitor cards must be entered into a data base promptly. Sermons must be filed and equipment must be maintained, including your car or church van. It is much less expensive to keep your car clean and maintained regularly than to wait for it to break down. Changing the oil when it is due and checking out every concern in a timely fashion can save hundreds of dollars.

Leaving stacks of correspondence and bills means you will lose track of where things are and when they are due. Bills must be filed and correspondence must be responded to in a timely fashion. The reason given by many who fail to get organized is they do not have enough time to do it. What they fail to recognize is that in the long run a lack of organization will require more time. Have you ever lost an important paper and spent half a day looking for it. Point made!

Many people contend that their “stacks” are the best way to be organized. But most piles that people have around them have a variety of things such as articles they need to read, papers that need to be stored away (reference), stuff they no longer need or use (trash). Too many important things can be lost or forgotten unless a system is in place that makes sense. Taking the time to get organized is time well spent.

It is possible to be over organized when too much time is spent organizing and too little accomplishing tasks. However, spending too much time organizing things is less of an issue for most pastors than a lack of organization. Go through those piles and find a place for everything. Throw away things you haven’t used in over a year and that you have no immediate plan to use. Many things can now be organized through technology. Your computer can store your data, your finances, your calendar, and your sermons. The computer is a time saver if used properly. However, every preacher must be on guard for wasting time on his computer by surfing the net, reviewing social media and reading the news.

Maybe its time for you to review your procedures and ask your self if you are organized or is it time to get organized? You can begin by asking yourself whether “your stuff” is in its proper location. Even if you get your ducks in a row, they tend to wander off. Being organized is a process that demands consistent reevaluation, rethinking, and renegotiating the importance of things. Let’s make it a priority and “get organized.”

With a Heart for God,

Jim Townsley