Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Delegating Responsibility

  • Jim Townsley
  • Aug 1, 2013

In the book "How To Win Friends and Influence People" the author states: "learn to organize, deputize, and supervise." Nothing could be more true of a new church. In the beginning the pastor is the preacher, Sunday School teacher, bus captain, visitation leader, treasurer, song leader, janitor, and secretary. In addition, the pastor makes all the announcements, organizes every activity, and carries the burden for the growth and welfare of the church. The church is seen as belonging to the new pastor and often it is referred to by the pastor's name. Delegation over time is necessary for people to feel it is their church and assume the responsibilities of its function. How do you get people to assume the responsibilities of the church? Delegating the responsibilities of the church is the key. Some of the first responsibilities to delegate are:
The nursery. Organizing and directing the nursery. This is an important and difficult job. Often the pastor's wife will be responsible for this ministry, however it is a ministry another lady of the church could manage. When someone accepts the challenge of responsibility they not only help fill a role, but they also will experience personal growth through their involvement.
Teaching. Sunday School teachers is another important role of leadership needed in a new church. Children and adults need to be taught, but the person who learns the most is always the teacher. When a member agrees to teach a class he will need to study and prepare and present the Bible to his class. The teacher will learn more by teaching than merely listening to the sermons. Keep in mind there needs to be written expectations for every position of the church. This should include a job description, a dress code, and a flow chart showing to whom they must answer.
Leading in prayer. Our deacons are responsible to find someone to read Scripture and lead in prayer for every service. I know the preacher could do it, but when it involves someone else, you have begun to delegate responsibility and in a small way helped them to see that it is their church.
Ushers. Becoming an usher can be a first step of involvement for a new believer. Adding more ushers can spread the responsibility and give people a sense of purpose.
Youth workers. Finding helpers and chaperones for teen and youth activities will soon become an essential aspect of the new church. The more members help and get involved, the more they will accept the responsibility of the ministry of the church.
Many other responsibilities may be needed such as, operating the sound system, cleaning the meeting place, and setting up the meeting place etc. The pastor's role should include keeping an eye out for workers that can be placed into a position of ministry in the church. Some positions must wait. Appointing deacons or a treasurer to soon can cause significant problems. Pray for wisdom and learn from your mistakes, but don't give up on developing leaders. The leaders are the life and backbone of your church.
At times it would be easier to do a job yourself. However, you are only one person and you are limited on how much you can accomplish. When you delegate responsibility you expand your ministry and strengthen your people. Remember you must inspect what you expect. You will need to train workers and monitor their work, but failure to train leaders will result in no leadership in the church.