Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Becoming a Friendly Church

  • Jim Townsley
  • Sep 22, 2008

Many people today are looking for something real in life. The answer, of course, is Jesus Christ. He is real and alive. Every church should exemplify the reality of Christ, so that visitors will recognize your church offers something real for them. A church should be a friendly place if visitors are expected to return again to the next church service. Friendliness and hospitality must begin with the pastor and his wife. As leaders are developed and staff hired each one must learn the importance of reaching out to visitors and new families. A friendly atmosphere will prepare people's hearts to hear the Word of God. A church planter must develop a friendliness in his church.There are some specific things every pastor and church member can do to welcome visitors.

1. The pastor should arrive early and be available to meet new people for Sunday School and for every service.

2. The pastor must train his church members to be friendly. Periodically a small amount of time could be utilized in a Wednesday night or Sunday night service in order to train people on the skill of being friendly. Possible methods of properly greeting visitors could be explained and clarified and practiced.

3. Every deacon, staff member, leader, and their wives should be instructed to mill about the auditorium before and after each service.

4. Greeters could be designated and trained. Remember, appointing greeters without proper instruction is doomed to failure. Greeters should be at every possible entrance prior to every service and be knowledgeable concerning classes, nursery, and services.

5. Periodically mention the importance of friendliness during the preaching.

6. Make your facility visitor friendly. Place signs to guide people to Sunday School, the nursery, or the auditorium. Keep the buildings clean and in proper repair.

7. Make the services inviting. Make the music uplifting and spiritual. Keep the service moving. People did not come to hear the announcements or endless details of which they have no interest.

8. At the end of each service stand at the rear of the auditorium to greet people as they leave. In addition, the pastor's wife should stand with him. Sometimes she can help when someone occupies the pastor's attention.

9. Designate a place for a welcome center where bulletins and church information is available.

10. Train your people to bring visitors to you and introduce them; That way you do not have to struggle with trying to locate them after the service.

11. Have people located where people arrive. It may be important to have people in the parking lot or on the street to guide people to the proper places.

12. If the size of your facility warrants it, you should have a map with classroom locations to guide guests to the proper place.

13. Arrive at church early. Though many people are always late, there are some who will arrive early and someone needs to be ready to meet them when they come.

It all begins with you, the pastor. If it is important to you then it will become important to others. In addition, the pastor's wife plays a key role in greeting new people and setting the standard for other ladies of the church. A friendly church provides the opportunity for visitors to return and for visitors to become receptive to the gospel so that they can be saved. We have the greatest message in the world: We must let people know this great news, that Jesus will save them and change their life. Being friendly certainly sets the stage for this to be possible. We must never be guilty of having visitors to our church that are never warmly welcomed to the services. You can have a friendly church if you make it a priority.