Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


An Exciting Church

  • Jim Townsley
  • Nov 5, 2008

It is a blessing to visit a church that is alive and it is disappointing to attend that has no excitement. Activity and excitement alone do not constitute the making of a good church; however a church with no plans and no vision will be filled with boredom and apathy. We have the truth, the Word of God, and we should never be found guilty of boring people with it and limiting it only to our congregation. Every church must have a plan to reach their community and strengthen their congregation, and that plan should cause excitement among the brethren.Every young preacher is susceptible to weariness and discouragement, but no one should allow weariness to hinder the progress of the church of God . 1Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. We have a great hope for a lost world and we have God's Word to strengthen every believer. Do you have a vision for your church? Does your congregation understand your vision for the church? Are your members excited about your vision? If your vision is felt by your members then it is because you have found a way to relay that vision. Keeping in mind that only God can bring life and excitement to a person's heart, I would like to offer some suggestions of tangible ways every preacher can implement to bring renewed life to his church.

1. Bring vision and encouragement through the preaching. The content of our message is our highest priority, but how we preach is important as well. Though reproving is a necessary part of preaching, a delivery that is always condemning or condescending can bring discouragement rather than revival. Preaching on sin, warning of dangerous movements and exposing hurtful trends is not only necessary, but imperative. However, all preaching should not be of this sort. People who are hurting need healing, people who are discouraged need encouragement, and people who are babes need the milk of the Word. The proper balance of reproving and exhorting must constantly be considered and adjusted as necessary.

One helpful suggestion is to record every sermon title and passage on a spreadsheet. By frequently reviewing the sermon titles you can determine the general nature of your focus over a month or a year. Also, you can determine if you are providing a good balance of Old Testament passages compared to New Testament passages. In addition, sermon topics can be reviewed to determine if a certain trend has developed in your preaching and whether or not your focus is appropriate, timely and healthy for your church at this time. Preachers must be careful not to ignore certain portions of Scripture and reviewing recent sermon texts can help to preach the "whole counsel of God."

A series of sermons on a particular topic or book of the Bible can create interest and anticipation to the members. Guest preachers can also add interest and excitement. The preaching of the Word of God should be the primary focus of the church and it is a sin for it not to be interesting, challenging, and encouraging.

2. Promote special days. Although too many activities can be detrimental to the health of a church, having no special events will allow boredom to creep into the church. One thing that creates interest and excitement is recognizing special days. There are holidays, Sunday School programs, revival meetings, patriotic days, and days that emphasize friends and family. There should always be an event to which the congregation is looking forward.

3. Train your congregation to be excited. Occasionally, you can utilize a small part of the service to train your people on how to be friendly and greet visitors. Using five minutes of the Sunday night or Wednesday night service can result in more people getting the vision and spirit of being a friendly church.

4. Involve your members. People are most excited when they are involved. Designating some members as greeters will not only make visitors feel welcome, it helps them to develop a servants heart. If your church has a parking problem, attendants should be assigned to alleviate any potential problems. If your church buildings are confusing, members can be stationed in key locations to give guidance to guests.

5. Develop an evangelistic music program. The modern day trend of utilizing the world's style of music into the church does not really create a spiritual atmosphere, but evangelistic music does. Music should speak to the heart and reveals a testimony of God's grace and power. Many of the traditional songs reveal doctrine and truth that express a deep felt experience of God's grace. The trend of worship and praise, in my opinion, hinders true worship and praise. We must train our musicians to prepare music that speaks to the heart and reveals the depth of Christian ones Christian experience.

6. Soul-winning should become a way of life. When God's people understand their responsibility to reach their community is not restricted to a weekly two hour block of time the church will become alive for winning and discipling souls. There is no greater excitement for a church than when souls are being saved and when these new believers become an active part of the church.

7. The pastor's attitude is perhaps the most important ingredient in developing and maintaining an exciting atmosphere in the church family. There will times when you will become discouraged and tired, but you must remember the members will be influenced by you attitude. If you are upbeat and looking forward to the future, your spirit will influence others in the congregation. If you are negative and discouraged the congregation will adopt the same tone. Every preacher should promote and challenge his members to move forward and do so in a positive manner.

Dr. Lee Roberson often said, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Christians today are seeking leaders whom they can follow. Leadership is not easy, but if it were easy everyone would be a leader. Preachers are called in a special way to rise above circumstances and lead people to greater spiritual heights. This is our calling and we must give ourselves to this great task of leading our church and preaching the gospel to the entire world.