Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Alien Baptism

  • Jim Townsley
  • Jun 17, 2013

Alien baptism does not refer to someone from outer space. Alien baptism refers to people desiring to join the church from another denomination. What would you do if a man comes to your church that was baptized in the Church of Christ and wants to join your church? What if anyone wants to join your church from any other church that does not have Baptist doctrine; what should you do? You should consider their previous baptism an alien baptism.
There are important concerns about the mode and method of baptism performed by non-Baptist churches. You should recognize where Baptists received their name. The early Baptists would not receive members from other churches who sprinkled infants. (Pedobaptism) Since the early Baptists required new believers to be scripturally baptized they were called Anabaptists or rebaptizers. The name was given to early believers as a matter of scorn, but Baptists have gladly accepted the name as one of distinction. Baptist's believed in believers baptism by immersion. Every young preacher must know what the Bible teaches concerning this important issue of baptism.
There are three important aspects to biblical baptism.
1. The proper mode. The proper mode of baptism is immersion. There is no indication in Scripture that indicates otherwise. Jesus was baptized by immersion as he went down into the water and came up from the water. The Ethiopian Eunuch was baptized by immersion by Philip as they both went down into the water. John was baptizing near Jordan because there was much water there. Clearly baptism as found in the Bible was by immersion in every instance.
2. The proper authority. The proper authority is the appointed leaders of the true church. The doctrine of a church identifies the new believer as a convert to Jesus Christ and the new believer becomes identified with the teachings of that body. If a church does not believe in eternal security, the person baptized in that church is associated with their doctrine. It would be a mistake to accept such a person's baptism when it represents another doctrine that is essential to fundamental beliefs. The proper protocol would be to ask the candidate to submit to baptism associated with the proper doctrine and for them to be baptized in your church prior to membership.
3. The proper candidate. The proper candidate is a person who has given evidence of the new birth. The testimony of salvation by word and deed should coincide with biblical teaching concerning salvation. Their baptism should occur after the person is born again and not before. Even if the person was baptized in a fundamental Baptist church, if it was prior to their conversion, they should submit to biblical baptism after their conversion.
Baptism is a serious ordinance of the church. Its purpose is to identify a new believer with Christ and His church. Thus every new believer must follow the Lord in baptism in order to fulfill the will of God.
When receiving members that may have already been saved prior to coming to your church it is important to question them thoroughly concerning their testimony and, if they have been baptized, as to where it was performed. If it was not by immersion in a church of like faith and practice after their conversion, they should follow the Lord in baptism in your church.
This issue of believer's baptism is one in which as a new church planter will face. It is important to know what you believe and why you believe it. There is a reason the early Baptist churches did not accept alien baptism and every young preacher should take heed.