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He Could There Do No Mighty Work

(04/13/08) by

Sunday Baptist Heritage Conference - God never forces His grace upon anyone.

4/9/08 Don't Allow Yourself to Slip

(04/09/08) by Jim Townsley

Wednesday Evening

Helping Others

(03/30/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday PM - Serving others rather than self.

Take Control of Your Life

(03/30/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday AM

The Walk of a Christian

(03/26/08) by

Wednesday Evening - Sermon on Christian living and conduct.

New Evangelicalism

(02/24/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday AM - A detailed sermon on the teachings of New Evangelicalism.

The Price of Peace

(02/20/08) by

Wednesday Evening - Nothing of any value is ever free. Anything worth having comes with a cost.

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