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Bob McKeever Portrait SmallDr. Robert McKeever was a native New Englander, born and reared in Bangor, Maine. At the age of seven, he was led to the Lord by a missionary church planter Bill White, who founded the Bible Baptist Church in Bangor.

While attending Bible College, Dr. McKeever planted his first church in Scottsboro, Alabama. During the next thirty years God used Dr. McKeever to start several churches in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.At the height of his ministry in 2004, Dr. McKeever was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was serving at that time as director of New England School of the Bible, a ministry of Central Baptist Church in Southington, Connecticut; New England director for Baptist International Missions, coordinator for the Church Planting Schools conducted all over North America; and preaching at several mission conferences each year.

On October 31, 2005, after a long painful struggle with cancer, Dr. McKeever went home to be with the Lord. His life and testimony were a powerful influence on young people, preachers, and all Christians who were privileged to know him.

To honor the life-long ministry of Dr. Robert McKeever, this site is dedicated to the advancement of two ministries that were closest to his heart: church planting and revival.

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Church Planters You Should Know - Part 3: Elder John Waller


Many godly preachers influenced the moral fiber of Colonial America. Some of these men did the work of an evangelist, others filled the office of a pastor, and many traveled extensively proclaiming the truths of the gospel of Christ. The eighteenth century church in this new world was dominated by a state-church mentality. As a result, Baptists and separatists were not granted religious freedom. Many of these early preachers defied the order to join and support the state approved church. The result was persecution and imprisonment. Within this context of severe trials brave men of deep conviction followed their conscience and the leading of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel, defying the orders of the state authorities.

Church Planters You Should Know - Part 2: Isaac Case


Isaac Case was born in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, February 25, 1761, and after a fruitful ministry graduated to heaven November 3, 1852, at the age of ninety-one. Serious thoughts of God were stirred in the heart of Case from the age of nine until the age of eighteen at which time he recognized his lost condition. Though he sought God, he struggled with doubts until 1779 when his doubts were quenched by the grace of God. He then made a profession of his faith and joined a nearby Baptist church in Dighton. Though he had limited talents, he was a man of distinct character and common sense.

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Colonial America experienced a great revival which included Baptist church planting. One of the first notable Baptist preachers was Dr. John Clarke of Boston. Also, another man of great influence was Obadiah Holmes who was whipped at Boston Common for preaching the gospel. These men among other Baptists refused to pay the clergy tax to the state sanctioned Congregational church. As a result of the puritan persecution many Baptists moved to Rhode Island to find reprieve.