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Bob McKeever Portrait SmallDr. Robert McKeever was a native New Englander, born and reared in Bangor, Maine. At the age of seven, he was led to the Lord by a missionary church planter Bill White, who founded the Bible Baptist Church in Bangor.

While attending Bible College, Dr. McKeever planted his first church in Scottsboro, Alabama. During the next thirty years God used Dr. McKeever to start several churches in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.At the height of his ministry in 2004, Dr. McKeever was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was serving at that time as director of New England School of the Bible, a ministry of Central Baptist Church in Southington, Connecticut; New England director for Baptist International Missions, coordinator for the Church Planting Schools conducted all over North America; and preaching at several mission conferences each year.

On October 31, 2005, after a long painful struggle with cancer, Dr. McKeever went home to be with the Lord. His life and testimony were a powerful influence on young people, preachers, and all Christians who were privileged to know him.

To honor the life-long ministry of Dr. Robert McKeever, this site is dedicated to the advancement of two ministries that were closest to his heart: church planting and revival.

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Having a party doesn't sound very spiritual, but there needs to be some levity and joy in the church. The primary needs of the church involve doctrine and purity because starting and building a church is serious business and it should be understood as such. However, new believers need to understand that the Christian life offers real happiness and joy and celebrating that in specific ways can enhance the happiness and health of the church family.