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Bob McKeever Portrait SmallDr. Robert McKeever was a native New Englander, born and reared in Bangor, Maine. At the age of seven, he was led to the Lord by a missionary church planter Bill White, who founded the Bible Baptist Church in Bangor.

While attending Bible College, Dr. McKeever planted his first church in Scottsboro, Alabama. During the next thirty years God used Dr. McKeever to start several churches in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.At the height of his ministry in 2004, Dr. McKeever was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was serving at that time as director of New England School of the Bible, a ministry of Central Baptist Church in Southington, Connecticut; New England director for Baptist International Missions, coordinator for the Church Planting Schools conducted all over North America; and preaching at several mission conferences each year.

On October 31, 2005, after a long painful struggle with cancer, Dr. McKeever went home to be with the Lord. His life and testimony were a powerful influence on young people, preachers, and all Christians who were privileged to know him.

To honor the life-long ministry of Dr. Robert McKeever, this site is dedicated to the advancement of two ministries that were closest to his heart: church planting and revival.

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Colonial America experienced a great revival which included Baptist church planting. One of the first notable Baptist preachers was Dr. John Clarke of Boston. Also, another man of great influence was Obadiah Holmes who was whipped at Boston Common for preaching the gospel. These men among other Baptists refused to pay the clergy tax to the state sanctioned Congregational church. As a result of the puritan persecution many Baptists moved to Rhode Island to find reprieve.

Pure Religion


The mind set of every church planter is to work hard to produce church growth. The desire for growth is, and should be, at the heart of church planting, because without growth the church will never be established or become autonomous. Soul-winning, discipling, and every aspect of church building requires tireless effort. Starting and building a new church requires raising financial support from outside the church and teaching new members to tithe and give sacrificially from within the church. The music program, the children's program, the bus ministry, as well as all the administrative aspects of the church requires a single-minded purpose to help the church grow. Reaching new people is the key to building a church. Without people there are no offerings and if there are no offerings there is no salary for the preacher and if there is no salary for the preacher the church plant will fail.

Us Four And No More


There is an excitement that permeates every aspect of starting a new church. It is a new adventure with the hope that it will be an enjoyable experience filled with new friends, new opportunities, and perhaps a new direction in life. New members will find opportunities of service and accept various leadership roles. Nursery workers, ushers, greeters, and musicians will soon find their niche or gift to serve God. The faithful members of the church will soon begin to grow and develop a camaraderie within the new church family. Finding a place of belonging is an important role of the new church. However, the church can easily become internal and lose its main purpose of reaching the lost and fulfilling the great commission.